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Very Latest Articles

From Ocean to Office

Every year, 12 million tons of plastic are dumped into our oceans. Much of that waste takes decades and even centuries to biodegrade*. Now, Intersection, a new and compelling screen and panel fabric made from Upcycled Marine Plastic has been developed by Steelcase, bringing new life to the office and removing ocean waste in the process.

The Augmented Workplace: 7 Features To Expect In The Future

The pandemic has accelerated demand for the smart workplace. Work Design Magazine shares 7 features you can expect to see in the future office.

hybrid team
How to Manage a Hybrid Team

As a leader, how do you manage employees’ various circumstances while treating everyone fairly? Harvard Business Review shares what the experts say about managing remote and in-person teams.

Astronaut Scott Kelly: Mental Health, Social Isolation And How On Earth To Survive

Tracy Brower, PhD had the opportunity to talk with Astronaut Scott Kelly about the physical, cognitive and emotional challenges of social isolation during his 340 days in space. Tracy gathered insights we can use for dealing with the isolation we’re feeling during this pandemic, via Forbes:

We're hiring — Technology Sales Specialist

ABI is currently seeking a Technology Sales Specialist to join their team in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. This is an ideal role for a driven, entrepreneurial and accountable individual who is looking to increase their role and responsibilities through the growth of a business unit.

Recent Articles

7 Things You Need for an Ergonomically Correct Workstation

Strategic lighting, a well-placed mouse and keyboard, and even an essential oil diffuser are all tools we can use to help our muscles relax and maintain our overall wellbeing. New York Times and Wirecutter share 7 essentials for setting up an ergonomic workstation, starting with a comfortable chair that supports your spine.

hd update black 2
Because You Donated

As the pandemic struck Canada’s eastern provinces and the lockdowns began, Atlantic Business Interiors joined 11 Atlantic United Ways in launching the Atlantic Compassion Fund. The response was immense, supporting 70 charities in the HRM in their efforts to assist those most in need over the recent months. Here’s how the donations of Atlantic Canadians have made an impact…

Steelcase, MIT Tackle Workplace Pathogens

How can we create the safest, most productive workplaces imaginable? How can we ensure public health while maintaining the innovation made possible by in-person collaboration? Steelcase and MIT are working together to answer these questions, expanding their research into the transmission of pathogens in the workplace.

The Grand Rapids Business Journal reports on the study being led by Professor Lydia Bourouiba, director of The Fluid Dynamics of Disease Transmission at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

bolia collection
Steelcase x Lookbook

Authentic. Sustainable. Made to order.

Explore the agrestal, luxurious and thoughtful designs of the Steelcase x Bolia collection.

Embrace, by Coalesse

Our partners at Coalesse have mastered the art of blending soul, comfort, and class.

Featured here: Embrace seating, from the Carl Hansen & Søn collection.

Aspect by Orangebox

Today’s workspace needs to enable collaboration and togetherness while maintaining sufficient physical distancing.

Enter our friends at Orangebox with Aspect, a dynamic high back sofa system with six configurable variants. Aspect’s concise design provides appropriate spacing while at the same time creating much-needed working privacy in open plan environments. Integrated power and media options enlarge the possibility of self-sufficiency for small working groups.

Lessons from China's Return to the Office

“I think the desire to bring people together is in our nature, it’s so strong, and I don’t think that’s suddenly going to go away.”

Even with the current emphasis on keeping people at a safe distance, the question for workplaces everywhere still remains: How can teams work safely together, guaranteeing collaboration and innovation? China presents one of the earliest models for a post-COVID economic re-opening. Many organizations in the country have quickly learned that getting people back into the workplace is vital to getting business back on track. Various protocols and strategies to mitigate disease transmission have allowed several companies to safely return 80 to 100% of their people.

Find out more in this informative article from Steelcase.

Work Face-to-Face When You Can't Be

Many of us know what it’s like: A lack of cues, conversation and context during video calls produces what has been called ‘presence disparity’—the feeling that remote participants are unacknowledged and undervalued. More adaptability is desperately needed. For this reason, Microsoft and Steelcase have partnered in the development of Roam for Microsoft Surface Hub 2S. As remote collaboration becomes increasingly common, these tools work to recreate the energy and connection we experience when in a room together.

What the Post-Coronavirus Workplace Might Look Like

CNBC turned to Steelcase CEO and President, Jim Keane, for the latest research and projections regarding the future of the workplace. Keane provides relevant data and highlights fascinating solutions for the post-COVID work environment.

How soon will employees make a return to the office? What will have changed? And what will never be the same again? The answers might surprise you.

Navigating What's Next: Education Summit

Registration is now open for Navigating What’s Next: Education Summit!

During the weeks of September 28th and October 5th, a number of outside experts join Steelcase Education, Smith System, and Designtex in hosting sessions covering a range of important topics, including Cultivating Wellbeing, Blended Learning Experiences, and Emerging Spaces.

Register by clicking the image.

Other Articles

new rules
New Work. New Rules.

People working in teams innovate faster, achieve better results, and report higher job satisfaction. Promoting effective collaboration—within the office or remotely—is crucial, and the way we support team dynamics matters now more than ever. In this article from Steelcase 360, learn how to tackle five key challenges facing today’s teams with cutting-edge methodologies and adaptable work environments.

modern tribe
Make Room for Modern Tribes

Losing patience with outmoded office designs, present-day work teams are hacking their existing spaces in an attempt to complement their unique creative processes. Fortunately, there’s a smart solution to these shifting creative needs: The Steelcase Flex Collection.

See how we’re making it possible for forward-thinking modern tribes to control and adapt their work environments on demand.

flex mobile
Work Untethered

Effective work mobility has quickly become a top priority, and the best in technology and design are teaming up to make it easier. With a powerful and elegant solution from Steelcase, there’s no need to remain confined to the power grid. Able to sense and intelligently distribute power between multiple devices, Flex Mobile Power is part of a growing suite of innovative responses to today’s pressing need for workplace fluidity.

Why We Need Joy at Work

“Joy is the emotion that’s connected to thriving,” says Ingrid Fetell Lee, author of Joyful: The Surprising Power of Ordinary Things to Create Extraordinary Happiness. In the midst of our daily tasks and routines, joy is frequently overlooked, being seen more as an added bonus than a daily necessity. How can we change this notion? And what role can workplace design play in improving our chances of consistently experiencing joy on the job? Find out more in this episode of What Workers Want.

Creating a More Hands-Free Workplace

From booking meeting spaces to monitoring workplace density, an entire suite of digitally integrated, hands-free solutions are available to assist with physical distancing and reduce the spread of germs. Check out this installment of Steelcase’s “Navigating What’s Next: The Post-COVID Workplace,” to find out more.

Future-is-Creative_08 (1)
The Creative Shift

According to a study by Microsoft and Steelcase, a majority of leaders feel they’re providing adequate spaces for collaboration—yet only 25% believe these spaces are truly fostering creativity. This article unpacks additional findings and reveals how we can make the most of both our personal and shared spaces when creativity is in high demand.

Office Remix

As we revisit the function and purpose of the shared workspace, it’s important to make meaningful use of every square foot available. In recent years there has been an emphasis on aesthetic at the expense of function and the ability to support a broad range of tasks—from collaboration to heads-down work.

This enlightening article from 360 Magazine shares six key points to consider while creating an inviting workspace that elevates performance. Find out what the latest research in office design has to say.

Creating a Home Office That Works

The home office is swiftly becoming a permanent part of an evolving ecosystem of work spaces—yet only one third of respondents to a recent survey reported they were able to work from home effectively. The best furniture, tools, and design advice are vital to long-term engagement and productivity. In this Steelcase article you’ll find data, tips, and expert suggestions to help you optimize your home workspace.

masks at work
Mastering the Mask

Masks are being incorporated into everyday public and work life. Here are some helpful tips and tricks as we adjust to the widespread implementation of this safety measure.

Workplace Designers Forecast the Future

“Why are we coming to the office?” As workers anticipate and desire a return to the office, it’s time to revisit the question of what makes the shared workplace meaningful and effective. In this Steelcase exclusive, established leaders in workplace design offer their reflections on the untapped potentials in a new era of workplace dynamics.