Join Gale Moutrey as she unpacks the latest global research on hybrid work design. What have we learned from the past two years that enables us to create a better work experience for companies across the world? While the global pandemic has fundamentally changed everyone and everything in some way, Steelcase has remained committed to a science-based and data-driven approach. The latest Global Report contains robust new research that includes:

8+ Primary Studies
10 Countries
32,000 Surveys + Conversations
8,000 Floorplans Analyzed

This research has uncovered five new needs and expectations people have for a better work experience. And these new needs will require four macro shifts in the way we think about buildings and the workplace.

It’s time to move forward and use what we’ve learned to make work better.

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What matters most in the Hybrid Work environment today? New insights from nearly 5,000 employees in 11 countries provide you with a rich understanding of how work is fundamentally changing and why the workplace needs a new source of inspiration.

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