We care.

The Atlantic Business Interiors team is deeply committed to the wellbeing of the four Atlantic Canadian provinces. Our passion for positive community impact keeps us on the lookout for small and big ways we can contribute.

From sustainable business practices that protect our pristine natural landscapes to initiatives that support the physical and mental wellness of our residents, we believe in a comprehensive approach to a thriving Atlantic Canada. Our dedication to prosperity, environmental stewardship, and social support underscores our belief that the health of our communities is intrinsically linked to our success.

Together, we can nurture the holistic wellbeing of our beloved Atlantic provinces.

Atlantic Compassion Fund

The Atlantic Compassion Fund

Atlantic Compassion Fund on Ocean Black Top BarIn early 2020, when the pandemic was first announced, we quickly mobilized our connections and resources with the aim of making a practical contribution to the challenges faced by Atlantic Canadians. Tom Rose, the founder of ABI, worked with eleven United Ways across the Maritimes to launch the Atlantic Compassion Fund, an initiative designed to address the immediate impacts of lockdowns and restrictions experienced by the most vulnerable members of our communities. Not only did Atlantic Business Interiors match the first $100,000 in donations, we also personally delivered much-needed office furniture to several nonprofits across Newfoundland and Labrador. This furniture was donated and had a combined, additional value of $100,000.

By the close of the Atlantic Compassion Fund, an amount totaling just over $10 million had been raised. Contributions were made by many Atlantic Canadian companies and organizations, and by the provinces themselves.

The impact was profound:

  • 70 charities and 300 community organizations quickly received support. 
  • 18,542 individuals were the recipients of food, medications, and essential transportation services.
  • 9,074 people received mental health support and outreach.
  • 8,417 people received extended access to technology and virtual resources. 

Beyond the more immediate help provided, remaining funds went on to support longer-term programming and initiatives across Atlantic Canada.

For us, giving back isn’t just a corporate responsibility—it’s an act that sustains the tightly-knit fabric of Atlantic Canada, the place we call home. It is a core value shared by our entire team that the strength of a community rests in mutual support and outgoing acts of service, especially during trying times. The pandemic years highlighted the vital role of this belief, and our endeavours were driven by a genuine desire to make a tangible difference in the lives of our neighbours. The funds raised are a testament to the dedication of our employees, partners, and business community, and this reinforces our commitment to remaining a source of ready support across the Atlantic provinces.