You work hard to meet your business objectives; our goal is to help you be successful.

Atlantic Business Interiors creates high performance offices by maximizing real estate performance. Considering the relationship with organizational culture, collaborating environments, human resources, and technology, Atlantic Business Interiors is able to provide offices that inspire high performance better than any other office furnishings company in Atlantic Canada.

Atlantic Business Interiors can assess your space and make a plan to utilize every square foot efficiently.  Ensuring access to natural light, separation from traffic, creating neighbourhoods and different spaces with different functions helps make every square foot of real estate must perform.

New research finds that people in workstations along main circulation routes have almost 60% more face-to-face communication with team members than those in low-visibility spots.  High-density workstation applications produced 84% more team-member communications than low-density layouts. It’s a huge upside to higher density. More interactions lead to more collaboration, knowledge sharing, and idea generation – the horsepower that drives innovation. A high performance space will be designed to invite such interactions and nurture collaborating.

The busiest group spaces in any workplace are well equipped. Don’t plan a project team or working group space without tools for accessing, sharing, and showing information. Atlantic Business Interiors will plan ahead to incorporate a space that can meet all your needs.

Providing casual places for thinking and brainstorming among employees can be benefit your company’s performance. Benching applications help span boundaries that keep communication and collaboration free and easy and never underestimate the power of food and beverage to attract people and get them talking.

Knowledge professionals can work practically anywhere, but the right space makes the organization work. Genuine collaboration relies on face-to-face interaction. Insights and experience are shared among colleagues in intimate, supportive surroundings. Innovation needs places where people can share knowledge and build on each other’s ideas. And company culture is nurtured in the office, not at the coffee shop. Build a workplace that’s a destination where all of this important work can happen.

Private office spaces usually house a company’s highest-paid workers; how effectively those workers are supported is an important business issue. Maximize private office real estate, provide flexible tech support, and make the office collaboration-ready: a zone for conversation by the door, collaboration farther inside, and concentrated work farthest from the door. Atlantic Business Interiors takes all necessary steps to ensure company leaders have the space they need to effectively run the business.

It’s not only the way more knowledge work gets done; it’s the fuel for innovation. Space saved by creating smaller individual workspaces can be used for spaces everyone will use such as for impromptu meeting areas, project rooms, and huddle rooms. Tools for information sharing, work surfaces where groups can spread out the work and vertical surfaces for making work visible are essential to collaboration. Hot coffee and cold drinks are drawing cards, and they support learning, socializing, and collaborating.