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Atlantic Business Interiors Rotary Seating (Supply Arrangement #E60PQ-120001/046/PQ)

Rotary Office Seating
Rotary Conference Seating
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Rotary Office Seating

gesture with headrest
Gesture with Headrest

Inspired by the natural movement of the head and neck, Gesture headrest offers an
unprecedented range of motion that not only provides superior comfort and support,
but also more choice and control over work postures.

gesture wrapped back
Gesture Wrapped back

With 3D LiveBack, Gesture automatically adjusts to mimic natural spine movement, contouring to the user’s back in all postures.

It is designed as a system of synchronized interfaces, supporting a greater range of postures.

gesture shell back
Gesture Shell back

Gesture solves for the broadest range of user sizes with an extended tension range and arm width, and a wider-than-average seat featuring adaptive bolstering to fit a user’s unique size.

Amia Resized

Amia is a hardworking, versatile ergonomic office chair that adds an element of sophistication to any workspace.

a la carte Resized
a la carte

Function, style and comfort are the name of the game with this chair.

a la carte has a clean design with its round and square tapered backs,that completes the look of any office.

Therapod® Therapist

The Therapod® Therapist by Allseating, is highly adjustable and highly comfortable. providing patented back support.

It offers a fully adjustable back that supports every region of your back using body-specific strap adjustments.


AllSeating designed the You® chair to help you sit fit. With its standard back height adjustment and U-shaped back suspension, the You Highback chair introduces a revolutionary way of sitting that ‘lifts’ you into the proper position.

you too
You Too ™

Moving throughout the day helps keep us refreshed and energized.

YouToo ™ is an exciting evolution of Allseating’s revolutionary You line – and has been designed to bring superior ergonomics to “ALL of you”.


Its back moves as your back moves. Its arms move as your arms move. Its seat moves as your seat moves.

It’s the first chair that actually changes shape to mimic and support of the movement of your spine.

Leap V2
Leap V2

Leap’s LiveBack® changes shape to fully support your upper and lower back and the mechanism enables you to fine tune the precise amount of recline force you desire encouraging movement and postural change.

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Rotary Office Seating
Rotary Conference Seating
Rotary Side Seating

Rotary Office Seating

Allseating MidBack Chair
All Seating

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Borgo Zero7 task

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Ergocentric Task chair 2

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Global Alero

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Rouillard Task chair

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