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Rotary Office Seating



The Gesture series supports the greatest range of postures in three ways: through the back, the seat and the arms. With 3D LiveBack, Gesture mimics the natural motion of the spine contouring to the user, creating the deepest recline. Until now, headrests have largely been an afterthought, but the Gesture headrest is integrated into the design. The headrest takes head size, neck length and desired range of motion into consideration to support a greater range of sizes.



Leap is a high-performance chair promoting ergonomics, health, and productivity. A perfect fit with an exceptional range of adjustments, the Leap office chair delivers full support for various body shapes and sizes.

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Reply Task

Comfort is no secret for Reply task chairs with mesh backs. Imported from Italy, our exclusive mesh is woven with chenille yarn offering soft, supportive comfort in an airy and light scale design. And if a classic look is what you prefer, our fully upholstered Reply chair offers dynamic support with a sleek and contoured look.

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Amia Task

Whether it’s the conference room, a personal workstation, or the home office, the versatile design of the Amia office chair fits into any work environment.



More organisms than machine—the SILQ design operates intuitively and invites the human body to participate in the experience.

Series 1

Series 1

Steelcase Series 1 office chair delivers performance, style and choice. It retains everything that’s valued in a chair, while making it attainable for everyone.



Think is the simplest, most streamlined embodiment of our understanding of people who sit — and how they sit throughout the day. The Integrated LiveBack™ System conforms to your body and moves with you as you change postures. It features an advanced weight-activated seat, so anybody can get comfortable, quickly.



Available as a stool or chair, Jack by Turnstone delivers sturdy, hard-working comfort for all-day support.


Chiroform Series

Allseating's Chiroform is a sturdy, ergonomic series of seating that stands up to the most strenuous work environments. In fact, its durable wood frame and fully contoured, double-curve backrest offers superb lumbar support, making the Chiroform series ideal for tough tasks. With the added benefits of a reinforced ballistic nylon back and heavy duty engineering, Chiroform Ultra 24:7 stands up to the demands of non-stop usage.


Entail Series

Entail is available in mesh or fully upholstered in either Smoke or Black frame finish. Entail's integrated seat slider comes standard with a thick, supportive seat to improve posture and comfort. Optional dual functional arms with adjustable height shift to the needs of any user.


Therapod® Therapist

The Therapod® Therapist by Allseating incorporates patented support technology, providing an inviting and dynamic user experience. It offers extensive customization using body-specific strap adjustments. The net result is a comfortable fit superbly suited to your entire back.

You Series

You Series

AllSeating designed the You® chair to help you sit fit. With its standard back height adjustment and U-shaped back suspension, the You Highback chair introduces a revolutionary way of sitting that ‘lifts’ you into the proper position. Uniquely designed with superior ergonomic features, You promotes active sitting, which not only improves posture, but also productivity and performance, making it ideal for workspaces with non-assigned seating.

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Rotary Office Seating
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Rotary Office Seating

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