a simple, versatile, value-oriented monolithic panel system designed to support every work environment.

The system engineering is based upon a well-known, proven, high-end system and enhanced to offer increased flexibility and electrical options.

MWall offers fabric and glass panels in varying heights with a 4″ base raceway to meet electrical and data needs. Z-Panel beltline raceways can be added to bring electrical and data to worksurface height.

Offering compatibility with similar OEM systems, MWall is also a sensible value-based option to expand an existing office space for less.

MWall is the industry leader in value. Clean lines combined with outstanding durability define sophistication on a budget. MWall utilizes an aluminum topcap and base providing a strong, upscale look that can be painted in any color that suits your style. Integrating varying panel heights and glass, bright and airy spaces can be easily achieved, positively impacting employee productivity.



  • panels offered in four varying heights from 41″ – 80″ and six varying widths from 18″ – 60″
  • quarter glass, half glass, and full glass options
  • panel connections at any angle, without the need for any special hardware