The PanelX post and beam system is an architectural framework that allows for 360 degree planning flexibility.

PanelX utilizes a mixture of both desking and panel systems, providing the best of each system and overcoming their limitations. The PanelX post and beam system includes 90°, 120°, and 135° post connections, allowing for maximum planning flexibility. PanelX inserts can be easily reconfigured to adapt to a multitude of space requirements.

PanelX favors collaborative workspaces while simultaneously providing personal space for each individual. With privacy options from seated to standing height, each space can be adapted to the needs of any user. With textile, laminate, whiteboard, slatwall and glazed insert options, PanelX offers an extensive variety of panel inserts to maximize design capabilities.

With focused and sleek components, PanelX is a foundation for clean, scalable design. To manage above-worksurface lighting and wiring, each PanelX post provides built-in wire management. Cabling can be fed vertically through each PanelX post cavity, allowing cables to be routed along the post directly to power and data access points.