Atlantic Business Interiors offers a suite of workplace surveys that are easy to use and help gain deeper insights about how people really work.

Our goal is to help design professionals and clients create harder working spaces—whether you need to collaborate, concentrate or both. Our surveys are designed in short, topic-specific modules that can be used alone, or in conjunction with each other.


  • An easy way to gather information from large groups of people; the reporting allows you to look at results for the organization, or by individual departments.
  • The results are tabulated, distilling a lot of information into easy to read reports.
  • The surveys are an excellent way to engage employees in efforts to change the work

WorkWays = Used to identify how people work, the survey uncovers how individuals manage their information and objects.

Workplace Satisfaction = Identifies the gaps between what employees feel is important in the workplace and what they actually have.

Collaboration = This survey looks at who people interact with, what activities are being done and where the interaction happens.

Mobility = Helps organizations understand how mobile their employees are and how that level of mobility can impact their workspace.

Needs Assessment = This survey helps uncover information about specific needs people have in the work place when they work alone or in groups.

Private Office = Designed specifically for those who reside in private offices, this survey identifies what users say is important and their agreement level of their current environment.

Higher Education = This survey identifies the key issues and helps demonstrate how a well-designed environment can help colleges and universities improve their learning environments.