Atlantic Canada

We care deeply for Atlantic Canada’s natural beauty and wildlife.

That’s why we’ve partnered with furniture and technology leaders with proven sustainability initiatives,
constantly in search of inspiration and innovation in their efforts to reach ambitious climate goals.

It all comes down to this: Working with us means reduced environmental impact.


As the exclusive partner of Steelcase in Atlantic Canada, it’s our privilege to extend their environmentally-friendly offerings to all four Atlantic provinces. We encourage you to read the extensive overview of their complete ESG strategy, which includes a number unparalleled carbon-neutral efforts and achievements.

Steelcase Impact Report 2023


ABI’s Print & Workflow division is a proud partner of Hewlett-Packard products and services. HP has emerged as a committed exponent of climate action. In their own words, “HP is driving some of the most aggressive and comprehensive goals in the technology industry.” 
Read more about their complete Sustainability Strategy.

Carbon Neutral Seating


Steelcase has widened its CarbonNeutral® product certification options to their best work chairs. This rigorous standard means we can bring you all the same essential ergonomics and quality while offsetting the carbon impact of the chair’s entire lifecycle.