collage image of people using the steelcase karman chair while doing different activities

Go Beyond With Steelcase Karman

As the world spent countless hours on video calls throughout the pandemic, sitting in chairs of various quality, the Steelcase…

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Untitled design (42)

Improve your Workplace with Biophilic Design.

We NEED nature. Several studies have shown that on average we spend 90% of our time indoors, almost completely cutting…

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5 Common Work Problems – Solved

Considering that the average person will spend around 95,680 hours (approximately 20% of waking hours), at work over the course…

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Optimizing your Workplace Health

If you spend the majority of your working day sitting down like many of us do, this is a must…

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B-Free Tables with stools

Creating a Workplace Culture that Fosters Creativity & Innovation

  Every great thing that we have done as humans in the course of history has been done through the…

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active learning

Education Solutions:

Today‚Äôs classroom is not what it was even 10 years ago. The time of simple chairs and tables facing a…

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ABI Booth

2013 RAIC Festival of Architecture in Halifax

We’re pleased to be participating as an exhibitor at the 2013 RAIC (Royal Architectural Institute of Canada) Festival of Architecture…

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open workspace

The Future Workplace

The integration of new technologies in the professional workplace is changing the way that knowledge workers perform their daily work.…

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private open workspace

The Multigenerational Workplace

One of the newest challenges that companies are now facing is a multigenerational workforce that contains four distinct generations, which…

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